Why a transportable home?
Transportable or prefabricated homes have been recognised as the future of high quality home production with the certainty of being delivered on time and within budget.

Conventional home building can be a long drawn out and stressful process with budget blow-outs and time delays due to weather, tradespeople or supply of materials.

Why buy from Presidential homes?

We offer a great deal of choice in design and packages available to you. Our factory can offer you an affordable innovative quality product delivered to anywhere in the Lower North Island including remote areas, & also incorporating those where a conventional building project would not withstand (subject to site inspection) without compromising on quality. A brand new low maintenance home can be purchased completed from our site within 10-12 weeks or we have the flexibility to design & build to suit your needs.

Factory construction provides you the customer with absolute certainty of price and quality and a building process where supervision and quality control is monitored from start to finish. There are no time constraints and a much greater efficiency in the use of resources.

What would a transportable home be suitable for?

Without doubt these are great value for money. These homes range in size and price to suit your budget. Whether for a first home, beach house, rental property, office, housing for workers or granny flat the options are endless.

If you wish to add to your rental portfolio why not subdivide an existing property and use the land to add another dwelling increasing the overall value of your property and also the return on your investment?







·         Family Homes                                           ·         Town Houses

·         Relocatable Homes                                   ·         Rural Accomodation

·         Sleep Outs                                                  ·         Beach Houses

·         First Homes                                                ·         Baches

·         Pre Fab Houses                                          ·         Cottages

·         Minor Dwellings                                        ·         Granny Flats

·         Classrooms                                                 ·         Modular Homes

·         Offices                                                          ·         Bed & Breakfast

·         Rental Properties                                        ·         Staff Accommodation

·         Tourist Accomodation                                ·         Farm Houses 


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